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02-1Product Range

Helical Gears


High precision cogs which are made from a grinding process create a quieter, enhanced product.

Final Gears


Relatively large diameter gears, such as final gears are also one of our specialties.

Bevel Gears


Primarily used for differential gears perpendicular to the drive transmission gear. Various shapes are possible by high precision grinding.

Gear Shaft


Multiple gears for the axis such as gears and splines are precisely constructed out of one raw material. We are also proficient in long axis product manufacturing.

Mission Gears for Motorcycle

Gears for

A wide range of gears are supported; from non-synchronous transmissions for racing to general car prototypes.

Driven Gears for Motorcycle

Gears for

Separate intricate material component production for drive gears adjoining the clutch is also supported.

Internal Gears


Outer and inner machining of the internal gear is required. High precision cog cutting and gear grinding are achievable.

Final Gear for F1 Race

Final Gears
for F1 Race

Precise calculations for ultralight weight racing components are maintained.

Enginel Gears for Race

Gears for

Heat resistant, high torque durable and extremely precise. They contribute to high rotational speed and a high output engine.

Main Shaft Gears for Race

Main Shaft
Gears for

Main shaft gears are comprised of highly complex designed bevels with state-of-the-art specifications.

The main operation begins with metalworking of low volume produced, precisely machined gears required for prototypes. Processing, from machining to product delivery, is performed in a consistent work environment with heat and surface treatment being an exception. Actual production of the requested design is produced with a high degree of accuracy in microns.


Prototype Cars

Prototype Development

We produce new design gears to be used in prototypes for most domestic and foreign automobile and motorcycle manufacturers. The assumed numerical value of the design for all parts must be highly accurate and function precisely for prototype vehicle implementation. Since new car launch dates have been decided, proper schedule management is also important.

Race Cars

Moto GP

Race Field

At Uchino Ltd., we produce gears for F1 and the World Endurance Championship (WEC) top level race category manufacturers including motorcycles' Moto GP. In the world of motor sports, all components are designed for utmost performance. One by one, parts must be fully functional to obtain success and those parts will be in maximum demand. All employees can achieve victory by making their gears the world's best. They will have joy and deep emotion in the moment.


We are undertaking high-quality, low-volume metalwork production of gears for non-automobile related drive systems, including aircraft, in the future. Additionally, we plan to improve processing technology not yet developed by using the latest manufacturing tools. In particular, not only with internal combustion engines and electric motors but also with respect to the changing environmental technology of hybrid power, we continue to support new customized prototype components. We look forward to inquiries related to gears and high-precision metal processing prototype components.